This family is love.

Her dark brown hair is halfway down her back with a flower of a bow on the top of her head.  The white, transparent ribbons curled around and around with little white stars scattered about (must be super-glued on). She looks like the perfect, little gift for this family.  (A child obviously couldn’t have selected a better family. That is, if you believe there is a possibility that we might have a say in it).

People have many different beliefs and just as many explanations why life unfolds the way it does.

A gift was given to me on this family photo shoot.  A gift they shared with me, whether they knew it or not.

This couple’s first child is now a handsome, young man at the age of twelve.  Not only does he have good looks; he’s very intelligent, which goes without saying, he’s inquisitive (already taking college courses)!  He’s witty, definitely high-energy… he cracks me up.  His laugh is spontaneous and… extremely contagious.

We went to the botanical gardens to do the shoot.  It was overcast and I hoped the rain would hold off for an hour or so, the weather is prone to afternoon rain on the windward side of Oahu during the winter months.  This spot is a magical place for me, it is where I come whenever I have time to get lost in nature (with my camera, of course). I knew, without saying, this was the perfect location for this family.

She flew through the air (her father the wind beneath her wings). She decided to make me work for her smiles, as three-year-olds often do.  With her wings attached and her fairy dress in place we played peek-a-boo behind a tree, she blew bubbles and she held onto my granddaughter’s little red monkey.  Her smiles came naturally.

This couple’s love for each, for their family, are high intensity waves, a spiritual energy that embraces anyone within its radius (at least, that’s how I felt). So, if you were within that energy zone day and night, every day of the year, wouldn’t you feel wonderful about life? (at least most of the time)

The children were so ‘comfortable’ with their parents… (hmmm, I guess that isn’t the word I want to use). Comfortable. Secure. Understood. Needed. Appreciated. Respected. Supported. Wanted. Nurtured. Loved.  This family is love.

From the playfulness of their 92 year-old tutu expressing her love to her granddaughter and her great-grandchildren to the antics of mom and dad trying not to laugh as they held their lips mere fractions from each other, careful not to kiss, this shoot was special.  I wish we could have continued the shoot until the little one got overtired and cranky, tutu had enough and overdue homework needed to be done… maybe, maybe… no, I am sure love prevails in their home throughout the daily hiccups of life.

This was a gift to me.  Love is a wrapped in all sizes, ages and personalities… always regard it as a gift.

Enjoy a slideshow of some of the moments we shared.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  ~ Donna

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