Honolulu Zoo… black and white or color?

The Honolulu, Hawaii zoo is a wonderful learning experience for my granddaughter and I love taking photos there, although taking both at the same time is extremely challenging. This little girl loves the  freedom to run from animal to animal with wild abandon.  Boy, this child just makes me feel young and adventurous and a bit wild, too. Yes, she does have some of my blood in her veins.
Lily likes watching the turtles… so slow and boring for such an active toddler, I thought.  Yet, today, she seems mesmerized by the loud, repetitious rock slamming against rock noise.  Drumming? Music connection?  I heard one mother explain to her inquisitive  five year-old… that’s how turtles exercise, sweetie.” 
But the zebras are the winners of her attention span today. She actually sits on a bench, eating her granola bar and sipping from a juice cup.  At first, I thought it was the snack break that had all her focus, but her eyes are glued to the zebras for a long time (relatively, speaking, of course) after the treat and juice is long gone.  (She spilled half of it and then some other toddler picked it up and finished it off.)   She seemed sad and lost in thought as she studied them.  What does a 21-month-old think?  
Black and white.  Color.  What was she seeing through her eyes?
I used my Canon 40D with a 70-200 lens, one of my favorites, as I tried for few shots.  My lens was fully extended, shutter speed 125, f9, iso 200.
It was a beautiful, sunny Hawaiian day, but I was standing under the shade of a tree as the sun created high contrast shadows in the pasture.  Black and white vs. color… both have their own qualities. 
Lily sat long enough for me to take a few shots, then a saw her smile and the twinkle reappear in her eyes.
The boys are already drooling to kiss her. 
Enjoy a few photos… Thanks for stopping by my blog. ~Donna

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