Love doesn’t see gender when it comes to soulmates.

Do you remember the last time you looked into your loved one’s eyes… for hours?  Have you ever been so excited to please your mate with a surprise that you walked around wearing a silly grin all day? Do you snuggle so closely together that your breath is one?  Do you share ‘words of love’ only known to one another?  Does your heart ache, truly ache, when you’re apart for any length of time?

Do you believe in soulmates?  Couples that belong together.  They fit together.  Complement each other.  Balance one another. They are enjoying the pleasures of life because of their love. They can finish each other’s sentences and spend hours creating ways to please and fulfill the other.

Can you relate to any, if not all, of the above?  If so, then you know the type of love I am talking about.  Soulmates.

It comes around once in a lifetime, or if you’re extremely blessed, maybe more.

Lory and Hein. They are in love.  It was in the tenderness of their touch.  It was in the way their eyes lingered on each other.  The laughter, the smiles that filled their hearts.  Love ~ it is the most beautiful emotion anyone can experience.

I was so happy to be part of their wedding (officially, civil union) on March 9th.  Although they had to compromise on a few issues regarding their ceremony plans, we had a great time, taking photographs through raindrops and using a banyon tree as a canopy.

Everything went so smoothly, it was as though the ‘doves’ were celebrating the occasion along with us as they fluttered and landed on the happy couple. (I’m sure the malasadas helped).

Soulmates.  Lory and Hein are soulmates. I have a feeling they will live ‘happily ever after’.

Treasure it. Embrace it. Guard it. Never take it for granted.

Enjoy a slideshow of some of their photographs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  ~Donna

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