Target Practicing…

The red ‘danger zone’ flags flew all afternoon. People listened intently as the instructors explained, in detail, exactly how this activity would unfold. He explained the rules, the reasons and the repercussions.  They explained the mechanics of the firearms.  I took photographs of the group; a few couples, some middle-aged men and women and more than one grandma and grandpa.  And one grandpa seemed to have brought along his two, young grandsons or nephews or neighbor’s kids.

As a photographer ‘a frame‘ automatically appears around objects and people for me. I decide in that moment how I will show you what I am seeing. When my mind and camera are both in sync then I snap the shot.  (Sometimes, I’m right on, but usually I want and/or need to make an adjustment or two with the camera or my mind.)  I want to tell you a story or pique your interest with images.

But, more importantly, I want to capture the spirit of the person, place or thing, after all, isn’t that what tells the story?

These people were empowering themselves, standing tall and straight, holding a firearm, taking aim and firing.  The married couples stood side by side, enjoying the afternoon, chatting and laughing, both pointing a pistol at the sky.

I see a white-haired female with a black rifle butted against her shoulder.  The bullet casing flew behind her. Bang Bang. Why does she do this?  I decide it is better to let her focus on what’s she’s doing rather than interrupt her with silly questions.

When you look at a photograph that tells a story, ask yourself… reality? or a photographer’s imagination?

Enjoy a short slideshow of an afternoon at a rifle range.  In case you’re wondering why I was at a rifle range…  I am a volunteer photographer for the Navy League in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This was a member’s event.

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