Mirror, mirror on the wall… it’s not me after all!

He is Samoan.  He is a man with a heart of gold.  He is my friend.

When I first met him I thought he would be interesting to photograph, not only because of his size and shape, but because of his personality.  I challenged myself to capture his spirit with my camera.

He was initially apprehensive about a photo shoot, but because he cares more about other people than himself, he agreed to help me out.  I assured him it would be painless and promised he would have fun.  We both did.  And since that first shoot a few years ago, we occasionally get together to create and have fun. He has learned to trust me as a photographer and has become one of my favorite models.

This man has no qualms about controlling his own feelings (or his aching back) if it’s in the name of creating art.  His back was aching, his mind was troubled about his father’s poor health and he hadn’t slept much the night before.  All of this, only added an emotional element to the photographs.  Although, I asked him repeatedly, if he wanted to call it quits, he continued to endure my directions, sometimes with a smile and sometimes (I thought) on the verge of tears.  Ahh, a model, a friend, this is a man with an overflowing personality that touches my soul.

Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.  He doesn’t think that he’s very sexy, which only adds to his charm.

Every morning we all look into the mirror to brush our teeth, fix our hair and wash our faces.  We are viewing the least attractive, two-dimensional image staring back at us.  If we just paused through the routines and really looked at ourselves, many of us would find a few flaws (some people find many) within our faces and certainly with our bodies.  So, when someone comes along and complements you… “you’re very handsome”, or  “you have so much sex appeal” or “great body”, we take it with a grain of salt.  “Yeah, sure,”  you may think, reflecting upon the image you see every morning in the mirror.

But, have you seen yourself with your best side exposed to the camera?  Have you seen yourself as others see you in everyday activities?  No, you probably haven’t.  This is where the beauty, the sexiness, your individual spirit rises and can be captured with photography.  This is how the world sees you.

You are not just the mug shot shaving your face in the two-foot wide mirror.  You have so

many characteristics that are beautiful; perhaps it’s the way you tilt your head or raise your eyebrow.  Do you do that in front of a mirror?  Perhaps it’s the concentration expressed on your face as you braid your hair.  Or did you know that whenever you bring your chin down just a bit, your cheekbones create an air of authority all by themselves?  Do you know when you laugh your eyes twinkle?  And when you play the role of a clown, as you often do, your antics are hilarious to watch.

All of this personality, all of this character, everything about you, is visible to my camera (yes, even though the stained glass).

This shoot was sexy and creative.

Spending time with you was great, and capturing that time, was even sweeter.  Thank you, my dear friend.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  ~Donna

Please, enjoy a slideshow of some of our shots.

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