A Hawaiian Playground

I was blessed to have my 21-month old granddaughter with me today. All day.  This is heaven for me.

Being a grandmother makes aging all worthwhile.  It’s the icing on the cake of motherhood; it’s the ultimate satisfaction to know it was all-worthwhile.

This little girl and I are going to have a wonderful relationship.  We already do. She gives me a purpose in life (beyond my own survival).

She makes me feel so young and carefree. We can play for hours, but when she lays her head against my chest to fall asleep, it’s magic.  This child believes that I am a wonderful grandmother… and because of that…  I brought her the park today.

Oh, she loves me all right, but when I’m out-of-sight, I’m out-of-mind, the minute she spies other kids to play with, she leaves me in her dust.  Now, add a playground into the picture and she’s in her moment of glory. Playing, Running. Laughing, Climbing. Sliding.  All this, and other children, too!

Today, I was left in her dust. When her father arrived to pick her up, she began to run to him, stopped mid-way, debated a moment, then shrugged her shoulders before returning to the playground.  Can 21-month old babies have this much reasoning?

A neighborhood family was at the park when I arrived. They had two children and a dog with them.  The older boy was off playing in the sports field, but the three-year-old girl and my granddaughter became friends.  I asked the parents if they would mind if I took some photos of their children, which eventually, included them.  It was easy to see why this family is so strongly bonded, their love for each other and their children was apparent.

Children. I just love them. These little human beings are constantly learning from everything and everyone around them.

Other children came and left and she played ‘monkey see, monkey do’, all the while forgetting that she’s the baby on the set.

Some of the children asked me to take their photographs.  It makes them feel special.  Boy, we could all learn a lesson from that… if you aren’t feeling special, what should you do?

Have fun and leave the photography to me!

Enjoy a slideshow of the children at play.

Thanks for stopping by my page ~ Donna

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One thought on “A Hawaiian Playground

  1. kaneoheangel says:

    Very beautiful and thought full. Never seen so many children getting along with eachother so easy. Love the pictures! Children are the story of life and we are bless with what we have from them.

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