Sexy and sweet… Married?

Ena.  She grew up in Hawaii, but now lives on the mainland with her husband and two children. They weren’t able to join her on this brief trip to Oahu, but according to Ena three days without them is too long.

Her daughter had already planned a ‘coloring day’ as soon as mom returns.  Ena’s large brown, almond-shaped eyes twinkled as she spoke about them. Her Filipino heritage is obvious in her beautiful features.  She is sexy, sweet and, unfortunately for all you single guys, married.  Yep, lucky husband and kids.

Ena wanted to wear an Hawaiian cultural outfit; grass skirt, flower leis and shells.  I wanted to capture her beauty and the beauty of Hawaii as one spirit, as it is obvious that her spirit will always be in Hawaii, wherever her travels take her.  I am sure she will return here as often as she can. Hawaii will always welcome her back (as well as all her cousins).

She was careful not to expose too much of her body while we were shooting. I knew her husband would appreciate a few shots that he could frame and place on his nightstand or carry around in his wallet. If Ena wasn’t going to add more visual interest willingly, I guess I had to just prompt her… “Ena, give me a little more thigh in this shot, please?”  Or, “Ena, these are for your husband, so give him (my camera) a sexy look… sexier…. sexier…. ahh, that’s the look I wanted. I’m sure he knows that one.”  Great.  She easily followed my directions and giving directions is pretty easy for me, too. 🙂 Sorry, readers, those photos are  for his eyes only).

Oh, I remember when I was sweet and sexy, but didn’t believe it… I just couldn’t be, could it?  Nah,, not me.  So, instead, I played a proper, young lady of my generation. I played sweet and left the sexy out (well, truthfully, there were occasions when I pretended to be sexy in my own way).

Today, I tell the all young women; “love yourself, your body, your beauty and youth.  Love it, flaunt it and enjoy it completely because you won’t have it forever”.  

I hope you enjoy a few portraits of Ena having fun on a beach in Hawaii.   Thank you for stopping by my page.  ~ Donna

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