Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii I drove into the city to pick up some prints at Ritz Camera at the Ala Moana Mall (they are my preferred choice of photo labs in the area).  Unfortunately, they didn’t open until 10 and I had a few minutes to wait, so instead of sitting in my car, I went across the street to the Ala Moana Park.

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii the spirit of the Ala Moana Park was buzzing with activity.  As I walked along I would stop here and there to take a photo (of course, I never leave home without my camera, I am a photographer, after all).  People of all ages, sizes and personalities were out and about exercising (a group of women were walking their teammate across the beach as they held onto their ankles and teammate walked on her hands!) walking on your feet 🙂 , jogging, running, bicycling, swimming, surfing, rowing, and  whew! boogie boarding.  Thank goodness, they have showers!

Then there were the leisurely folks, relaxing with a good book with their feet propped up on a park bench (pass the clippers, please), the sunbathers on the beach turning their skin brown, (but not burnt), and some just sleeping on the lawns (the homeless are safe here during the day, at night the lawn sprinklers ruin their mattresses). Some people drove around in little things that looked like m+m peanuts, one green, one yellow. Yes, they do allow this mode of transportation on all major streets and boulevards, avenues and mountain passes. They are not allowed on the highways, (whew ~ that’s good, because Honolulu’s traffic is very congested; especially during rush hours)

Activities ranged from fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving (I think this is where scuba diving class 101 is held), and I saw more than one family playing badminton and kicking a ball around with the kids.  Ohana is very, very connected in Hawaii. (Ohana is family, if a local family likes you very, very much you will be part of the Ohana, too). People had coolers, beach toys, barbeque grills, obviously plenty of food, canopies to shade tutu and the babies.  There were balloons (all shapes and sizes, colors and probably personalities, too) for the keiki’s birthday parties (it looks like you have to come early to stake your land claim) with a very, big inflatable, bouncy palace.

The scenery is fantastic, nature at its best; with birds (doves, pigeons and I’m not sure about the big birds with the orange eyes, but I’ll google it. The guys rowing the outriggers are fantastic, too.  And I mustn’t forget I made friends with a couple of crabbies.  I named them Sister Paul and Alice (funny story for another day).  Oh, look, over there, a young couple in love,  getting married.  So sweet.

On a beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii, I photographed people enjoying a Sunday morning in Hawaii.   I wondered if everyone felt as blessed as I did.

Enjoy the park through my eyes… next time I’ll stay longer than a few minutes.

Thanks for stopping by my page.  ~ Donna

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  1. A'LIME says:

    donna ; your blog site have a passion of love ; great potential.. your friend and photographer support you. knockout photos on your blog. marque.

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