Swimwear calendar gal and so much more

She has worked hard to get this body, but wow, what a body!

Karen said she was nervous about her first photo shoot, but she wanted to have photographs as a reward for all the time and effort she put into creating her shape.  It is not bodybuilding, but rather a form of fashion-body physique work-out.  All muscle, no fat… anyplace that I could see… and I pretty much saw all of it.

When we arrived at the beach she pulled out a stretchy rope to warm up, (yes, you will note that I don’t know the correct terminology for exercise equipment ~ gives my gym experience away).  As she’s working on getting her muscles to ‘pop out’, I’m getting my camera equipment out, my Norman Strobe portable is connected and I have just enough time to catch a few of her warm-ups with my camera.

The morning air was still cloudy at 7:30, so I was dilly-dallying getting set-up hoping the clouds would disperse and we would get some blue sky.  Tourists don’t like photo shoots with a gray sky behind them, they want blue sky, the bluer the better, on their scenic photographs.  They are in Hawaii, after all, if they want rain or snow they can get that at home.  Karen and her boyfriend, Bill, are from Wisconsin, a cold-weathered state in January.  But, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her; she’s all bronzed and beautiful.

From wearing the exercise clothes and sneakers she changed into a black, thong bikini with black high heels.

Whoa.  This woman is hot with a body that is buffer than buff.

Karen had been obviously practicing her poses, too, right down to positioning her fingers and pointing her toes.  She knew how she wanted to accentuate her muscle tones by bending this way and that way… there were some poses that I swore she wouldn’t be able to ever straighten out again.  My back was killing me just watching her bend over backwards, literally.  Although she had a list of poses of she could perform, I had a list of poses that would accentuate her sexiness right down to buckling her shoe straps.

You must watch the slideshow at the bottom of this page!

I’ve heard the expression, buns of steel, well, now I’ve seen them, and I can guarantee you that I’ll never own a pair of cheeks like that.

Switching over from her black thong, her fuchsia pink bikini seemed so conservative, but, when she started getting creative with her poses on the driftwood, whoa, the surfer boys a mile away in the ocean were probably considering paddling in.

From the pink bikini to white bikini to solo shots to inviting her boyfriend to join in, we had so much fun and definitely got the poses she wanted, in addition to a lot more.  She went home with over 300 photos on her flash drive to share with family, friends and I am sure she’ll she showing them off at the gym.  These photos will give the ladies (and guys) the incentive to keep on pushing, pulling and pumping whatever exercise equipment they use in those gyms to get a body of steel.   Baby, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  She earned the right.

Karen was flying as high as an angel (with Bill’s help), had fun splashing in the sea and created some very sexy, calendar swimsuit shots.

This was a great shoot with two fantastic people, that I can now call friends.

Thank you, Karen and Bill.

P.S.  Karen, you have nothing to be nervous about!

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