Yesterday I thought I wouldn’t be able to do today’s blog. Remember, I was already whining about how tired I would be; Wednesday evening I’ll be in Chinatown…  counting my blessings, including my  group of friends gathered together for coffee and cookies.  There everyone is equal.  There are no expectations, requirements or cash needed.  Anyone is welcome to stop by.  When I first went I immediately became friends with some and quite a few preferred to keep their distance. That was okay. This place is safe… safe to be yourself.  That is why I ask before I take any photographs of a new visitor. Not everyone wants to be on center stage, for whatever reason.  I respect that.

Tonight it was all about love, romance, and pregnancy at 18.  No, I’m not at a PTA meeting at the local high school.  I’m at a ‘mini-church/coffee room”, but it’s like a clubhouse. This is my favorite evening of the week.  I love Wednesdays.

Tonight the teasing, laughing and twinkling eyes belong to two young lovers that come by regularly.  They’re expecting a baby.  This evening she told me  she is scared.  I don’t blame her one bit, I would be worried sick.  Oh, I forgot to mention, they’re homeless.

But for a short time, they joked around and had fun in front of my camera.  I am so pleased with these photos that I immediately wanted to share them with you.
I will share the stories about Chinatown’s street people on a regular basis, considering it one of my favorite places in town.

Ron and Annie Kalama opened a ‘mini church/coffee room but it has a ‘clubhouse’ feeling to it.   Take a couple of minutes to hear their message.


Goodnight.  And  Mahalo. (This means thank-you in Hawaiian ~ I have to be sure to include a lesson of some sort).   ~ Donna


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