Hope it’s true…

I have procrastinated long enough about this task.  Yesterday, was the first day of life and it only seems fitting to continue on the same path today.  I made a commitment to myself about blog writing, but more importantly, I said to you, daily, not when I feel like it.  Oh, believe me, I’ve used every legitimate excuse in the book tonight to get myself out of this.   I hadn’t taken in the time commitment of importing my photos, editing, exporting in low-res, etc., etc.  Besides, why would you be interested in what I did today, unless it was something spectacular… hand-gliding at Dillingham Air Field strike your fancy?  Go ahead, feel your arms outstretched, your chest puffed out like a proud rooster cocking your head to one side as you inhale the freshness of life into your cells.  YES! You’re feeling that energy through and through, it is just you and the universe at this moment of glory.  You are experiencing  ‘that passionate moment we talked about yesterday’.

Unfortunately my thrill didn’t have anything to do with roosters or my anatomy nor did I feel anything special flowing through me.  I did seven loads of laundry today at the Kaneohe Laundromat, that took care of a big chunk of my day and wallet, too.

I really felt I needed to remind myself to count my blessings. I didn’t have to haul a cart 10 miles downhill to a fresh water stream to launder my clothes, did I?  Or worse, I wasn’t living in my dirty clothes, indefinitely.  So, in my humble tone, I quietly said a blessing for every quarter I plugged into those machines today… I lost track after the 113th quarter. You may be thinking, my god, she must have had two-months supply of dirty clothes… No, no sweetie, but I had curtains, so many curtains, sheets, blankets, a comforter and a quilt (oh, you must use  the extra big machines for just 50 cents more, dear) plus four pillows and a couple baskets full of dirty clothes… and a partridge in a pear tree.

This morning after breakfast, I finished my ‘spring cleaning’ in the bedroom, enjoying each moment as I wiped away the dirt and grit from living in a second floor apartment.  (It has to do with the wind whipping the black soot from the near-by rooftops directly through my open windows).  Thorough cleaning always brings me back to my New England years, when hanging the laundry on the clothesline in the springtime was considered a blessing (my ex would trip the circuit breaker on April 1st and the dryer ‘remained broken’  until he  got around to fixing it towards the end of November.  He thought I hadn’t figured it out.)  Although, I didn’t enjoy the idea of going into the dark, scary basement (I called it a dungeon) flipping a switch isn’t too difficult to do.

On the days that he did the laundry, (probably more often than me),  I did help him to take it off the lines.  It was the sheets in the warm, spring sunshine that I loved taking down. I would out-stretch my arms as I folded the sheet in half, snap the crispness of the cotton in the air, and as the sheet floated down I inhaled the freshness of life. This memory comes back to me often… I don’t even have to standing outside.  As a matter of fact, today was a perfect devaju feeling.  That energy flowing right through me without another soul in sight.  I was in the moment, just for a moment.

Another bonus of coming at the high-noon hour is that next door to the Kaneohe Laundromat is The Little Snack Shop.  Gail Hirahara is the owner and is one the cheeriest woman I know and  she’s makes a yummy tuna sandwich.  Today, I just happen to long for her egg salad, thickly spread between two slices of wheat bread with lettuce so crisp I could hear the crunch. (I hope that wasn’t eggshell).  Gail opens at 6 am with all her homemade breakfast items and lunchtime goodies.  Her small retail store has a variety of snack items and drinks and a few, little tables to sit down and eat.  You will enjoy her company as much as you enjoy her cooking. Shortly after lunch she closes shop for the day.

If you want your bentos (this means a lunchtime plate in Hawaii), your spam musubi (a 2×4 block of white rice, topped with a slice of spam ~ do you remember spam? ~  and then wrapped together with a wide band of seaweed.)  It’s a very popular item here and it is preferably eaten warm.  I love rice and spam is spam, so maybe it’s the seaweed thing that is an acquired taste.  This is the exception to the rule of; don’t judge a book by its cover; this may not be the fanciest place in town, but you’ll get good food.

There were so many things I had to learn, and still continue to learn, about the local food and culture here. So many questions to ask… I think this may be my destination job site for a while.

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Do you know what vog is:  not fog or smog, but vog, V-O-G.  I didn’t have a clue when I go here five years ago from the Boston area.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Oahu was blanketed with thick vog on Tuesday. The good news, relief is on the way, soft trades are due back tonight and should clear things up by the morning.

According to the State of Hawaii, vog is the haze you may see in the air that is caused by a combination of weather, wind conditions and volcanic activity.

Vog becomes thicker or lighter depending upon the amount of emissions from Kilauea volcano, the direction and amount of wind, and other weather conditions.

People with pre-existing respiratory conditions are more prone to adverse effects of vog which may include: headaches, breathing difficulties, increased susceptibility to respiratory ailments, watery eyes, and sore throat.

Click here for the State of Hawaii’s vog website. Click here for the current EPA AIR NOW forecast.

You can also call the Department of Health’s toll-free VOG help line at 866-767-5044 for daily updates on vog levels.

Copyright 2012 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved

The vog hanging over Kaneohe Bay this afternoon was a bit eery looking.  I walked on the low-tide sands to take a few photos. You could barely see Mokoliʻi Island (Chinaman’s Hat) in the distance through the vog, very hazy on the mauka-side of town. (this is a frequently used phrase, it means towards the mountains… makai refers to the ocean-side.  Considering the landscape here it makes perfect sense to me ~ now.)  Learning, always learning.  Appreciating and counting my blessings 🙂

Look carefully at the three last photos~  is that a bird or a plane?

It appears once you cross through the Ko’olau Mountain tunnel the sky isn’t so hazy.

I travel the work taking photographs and writing blogs. This is my first (self-determined) job-site ~  living and learning on Oahu, enjoying all my passionate moments.

Yikes, except when I realize I have to get up in 5 hours for a meeting on the other side of the island. I’ll tell you tomorrow how it goes.

There I did.  Two days in a row. Congratulations, girl.  I will continue, I must not think otherwise.  Tomorrow I will not procrastinate until the midnight hour.  On second thought, tomorrow will be very difficult, I spend Wednesday evenings in Chinatown.  No, no, no… don’t let me do that, find an excuse.  A promise is a promise.

I hope it’s true… but for the second day I’m living my dream.  Could I be delusional?  There’s always that possibility!

Thank you for visiting and for viewing my work.  Talk to you tomorrow.

(I need to learn how to this work within this blog site more efficiently.)


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