Thanksgiving Photo Update


Initially, I was going to start my email update with a traditional “count your blessings, blah, blah, blah” Thanksgiving message, but decided to just move on to my main subject(s), which are just a few of my blessings this past month.

I need a drum roll here, please…  the people I photographed the past few weeks are very important people to me, whether they know it or not.  They each came into my life for a specific reason…

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “of course they did, they wanted you to take their pictures.”  But, of course, I am going to read into this just a little deeper, just because I can.




The models this month were just so beautiful and diverse; Cierra, Victoria and Trezelle .  I needed to stay on my toes to capture their spirit because they were ready to move.  We moved up the mountainside, played on the beach, roamed in the woods and create some dramatic studio shots. The ladies were ready to role play, get into character and trusted me to capture their best side. Imagine if I put these three young women together for a group shoot… now that would be spectacular.  Hmmm, maybe I could arrange it.

I photographed a young, beautiful, passionate couple ~ twice.  The first shoot went from an office scene on the beach to a seduction on the shoreline.  Ahh, to be young and so much in love. They played, laughed and made me smile again and again as I walk down memory lane once or twice while trying to keep my thoughts on f stops and shutter speeds.

The girls (and their mother, too) brought me back to my teenage years and sibling fun.  They had the perfect combination of personalities to turn any photo session into a TV sitcom.  This woman is an amazing mom and her dedication to her daughters came through in these touching images, which I am sure she will treasure even more as the years pass by.

The young children were all adorable with their new pug puppy as they gathered into my studio each wanting to be first.  A group shoot resolved that little hiccup. I think Hawaii has some very talented children blossoming right before my eyes.  The sound of children giggling and laughing is one that stays with you for a long time.

Love definitely has strong, firm roots in the family gathering I photographed.  It was exactly how I imagine all siblings should love each other as adults, everyone interacting as one loving unit with the most caring, loving parents any children could hope for.  It made me a bit homesick, but they shared their love with me, as well as some very delicious Hawaiian food!

The photo session I had with the beautiful, young hula girls brought my body and soul completely back to Hawaii. Their spirit and passion in dancing to their traditional songs is yet another love I was honored to capture.

My granddaughter is developing her own little personality as she’s reached her 6 month-old threshold.  Oh, I get to photograph her as often as I like; the only problem is I tend to put down my camera to just play.  At Thanksgiving, she was enjoyed by all, especially the grandparents.  Loving a grandchild is a very special blessing to me… speaking of which…

Don’t forget to count your blessings!   And send me an update whenever you have time, I would love to hear from you.

Donna Welch