the Why

My second post.  My introduction fell short of the ‘why’ I am a professional photographer.  So simple.  I found my passion.  Portrait photography.


in the beginning…

Okay.  It is time for me to blog.  Time to get on-line and share my experiences, my photos, my time, knowledge and skills, previously acquired, as well as my daily learning experiences.

Where do I begin?  I wonder do people really read these?  Will this be for fun or future jobs?  Hmmm.  I don’t know yet… time will tell.

Let’s keep it short and sweet, shall we?  I’m Donna Welch, professional photographer.  Nah, too boring. Let’s get creative, but maintain the brevity since time is always such an issue to most people.

Okay, a brief introduction:  Let’s just pretend for a few minutes:  I am standing at a podium looking over the heads of a room filled with people.  I adjust my microphone to my height of 5’6″ (with heels).   I clear my throat, ready to introduce myself. (No, I don’t have a famous photographer offering his pleasure of a formal introduction.)  I’m not sure what to say.  I point to my name tag.  Hello, my name is Donna Welch… would you like to me my friend? 🙂  The audience chuckles.  No, this is the first step.  I ask the question again.  Maybe it’s the more serious tone I use, but no one is laughing now.  You see, the first thing I learned in portrait photography is to enter into a friendship as soon as possible, preferably before the shoot. Friendship equals trust.  Trust equals relaxation.  Relaxation equals great photos.

I’ve been blessed to have the nicest people before my camera.  I’m not sure who is guiding them to me, but thank you, thank you… keep them coming.  They are making my work look good and I’m loving it.

I just did a quick mental file search:  who, what, where, when and why!  Ahh, okay.  We all know who.  This is about me.  The what is about my love of photography.   Okay, I’ll address the where, when and the why… o-oo-o  the big one. Why?

My natural lighting comes from the sun’s rays shining on beautiful Hawaii providing violet skies at sunrise, brilliant daytime blues and amber glows at sunset. Palm trees, turquoise oceans, sandy white beaches are the best props (and I don’t have to carry them).   I do bring a wide arrangement of props with me.  They range from person to person, depending on the shoot’s theme and mood, which we decided during our first consultation.  Oops, off course.  I have a bad habit of doing that.  The where:  Oahu, Hawaii.

I was a photographer many, many years ago.  Well, at least, I thought so…   The vacation trip when I took a stunning photo of…. or the children’s parties with all those smiles and costumes I caught on film… yep, the list goes on.  But, only within the last few years have I become what I was meant to me!  (I like how that sounds. So profound. :))

Now, that is very short and sweet.  Plain and simple.  A professional portrait photographer.

Another day: the why.